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25 11 2016

Been an long time, Alchemistas.  Hope everyone had a fantastic summer and fall and Thanksgiving.  As per my usual M.O., blog posts are written on night shifts, and this is no exception.  See below for all the updates and happenings in the world of Team Alchemist.



Kathleen and Team on top of the Podium at Dawn til Dusk in AZ. Way to go, Kathleen!


steve Tim and Steph G. and the fam went to Cambodia for an 8 week medical mission. They sent me this photo of one of the local bike rental shop signs. In Cambodia, every night is Ladies’ night.

2016-01-18 13.16.25

Steven P. showing off his fine figure after Rose accidentally ran his Alchemist Merino Jersey through the dryer. Sexy time!

2015-12-04 12.54.46-2-Edit

FLR on a snowy Chapman. Stuart all smiles as he leads the pack.


Jenn D. completing the Minnie Mouse outfit with her nephews back in South Dakota. Nothing like pink compression socks to scare trick or treaters.


Sun Young’s Bro, Willard, knocking out the last leg of a triathlon. Representing Alchemist in the Pacific NW. Looking sharp, Willard!


Rob’s pop, Ron Sharp, showing Timmy Duggan some pointers on a Juniper Wealth Advisors sponsored Wednesday Morning Velo. One of the pointers was to keep your hands on your handlebars when descending.


Here’s the Juniper Partners without Spandex. They clean up nice, eh?


Mindy is riding across the country in an Alchemist-made jersey. We were the official jersey sponsor for this monumental effort. You can read about her adventure here:


Amy D. saves lives and trains falcons. All while sporting Alchemist gear. She is like the poster child for awesomeness.


Shield 616 guys on their Epic ride in Alchemist kits. They ride in support of Officers in Active Shooter and Crowd Control situations. Very cool.


Steven P. knocking out another top podium spot at the Ridgeline Rampage. Single speed machine!


In fact, we had an Alchemist sweep of the podiums. From left to right: Ken topped out the Clydesdale Podium. Max took the under 19 boys title. Elliote took the under 19 girls title. Steven won single speed. Way to go, Team!


Co-branded Flatwater tent. The badasses of Lincoln, Nebraska have been partners of Alchemist since the early days. We are proud to outfit this first-class group of riders.


Nice turnouts for FLR this past summer and fall


Great to have Pavlik and Beaudry on this one.  New FLR regulars, Jason and Mike F., have been great additions to the crew.


Regulators, mount up.

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