Ironman Boulder: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

21 06 2017

Adding to Alchemist’s gawdy trophy case, Lindsey followed it up with another Alchemist smackdown at the Boulder Ironman last weekend.  She crossed the finish line (in 10:26) as not only the winner of her age group, but the top overall female amateur!  For her efforts, she punched her ticket to Kona.  We’ll be following closely.

On the men’s side, first time Ironmen, Dan R. and Stuart, crushed their first Ironmans (Ironmen?) in 11:09 and 12:01, respectively.  Great work out there, fellas.

Congrats to all the Ironman competitors.  You looked fantastic out there in the Alchemist Triathlon kits.

Lindsey looking fresh after stomping on the competition. All those ladies to her right just got made.

Ironman FB video.  You can see our girl coming out of the shoot at around 32:18 into the vid.  She’s in the Under-1 hour group of fast swimmers.

Dan has had an epic saga just getting to the start line.  Once he finally got there, he was a freight train. Nothin gonna stop that man.  See his story below. It was featured on Ironman’s athlete spotlight.  Sweet!

Daniel Ryan, you are an IRONMAN!


Stuart also finished strong at 12 hours in his first Ironman.  He lost so much weight, his shorts looked like baggies by the time he crossed the finish line.  Time to go bulk up, Disco!

Disco and his lovely wife and support crew.


Yes, he looked this happy the whole time.

Still feelin good.

Go Stu



Congrats to all the Ironman competitors.  Makin us proud.

Mtb results and podiums to come in the next post.  Stay tuned.

Brett’s Xterra Win, Take Deux.

12 06 2017

I haven’t dialed in the embeds from Instagram, obviously. Here are Brett’s words and photos/videos. For reals this time.

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Small recap of today

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tackhammer63Small recap of today

tackhammer63Victory baby! #breckbikeguides #teamalchemist #mauiherewecome #kappiuscomponents

Alchemist Triathlon Winning Biggly

12 06 2017

Lindsey just annihilated her age group at the Boulder Ironman. What does that mean? She punched her ticket to Kona, baby! Big congrats to Dan R., who crushed an 11:09 in his first IM, and Disco, who busted out a 12:01 in his first IM as well. More photos and race details to come in the next installment.

But in the meantime, in the world of Xterra, Brett went down to Alabama a few weeks ago and won the darned thing. Brett, take it away:


Small recap of today

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A post shared by Brett (@tackhammer63) on May 20, 2017 at 5:34am PDT


Victory baby! #breckbikeguides #teamalchemist #mauiherewecome #kappiuscomponents

A post shared by Brett (@tackhammer63) on May 20, 2017 at 10:18am PDT


Congrats on the win, Brett. Nice lead up to X-terra Worlds. More to come!



Drew at 24 Worlds

7 06 2017

Drew was in Italy this past weekend at WEMBO 24 hour solo Worlds.  The competition was even more fierce than when he won the Championship in Weaverville, CA in 2015.  He was just behind the leader for over half the race, then the “vomit monster” hit at 230a, sidelining him for a couple hours.  But like the warrior poet that he is, Drew got back in the saddle and climbed back from the dead.  Words and photos:

Hi all,
In just about 13 hours I will start the 24 Hour world championships in Finale Ligire Italia. Start is 10 am – about 2 AM your time. I have an ace support team with more than 30, 24 hour races between them – 2 mechanics, 1 ⅓ therapist, 2 camp “moms”, 1 photographer – of course this is all  3 people; Toni, Wesley & Nick. We have the system dialed. Hopefully I put in the work over the past 6 months to ride well.
The event is huge – 400 solo riders. We are all on a 10 k course so things will be tight. Lots of “ciao”, “grazie”, “tranquillio (calm down). It will not be lonely out there.  I did well in the WEMBO worlds in 2015 in California but this is a whole different deal. We are in the heart of cycling here. No expectations for placing, just hope to ride well.
I think I have the live timing site:
The event site is here but they don’t update anything:
Wesley will send some updates to this mailing list. She will also post to my facebook.

They do it right in Italy. The race takes place during a 24 hour giant party with live music and topless women everywhere. I may have made up that last part. But the ride in front of the stage and live band is no joke. Here is Drew coming across on one of his early laps.


The riders are silhouetted against the backdrop of the stage while live music plays on through the night.


“Just finished the 2017 World Championships. I finished 3rd in the 55 year old age group. The winner, Peter, from Australia was 2nd behind me in the 2015 Weaverville worlds and he won the 3016 event in New Zealand. He was just too strong all 24 hours. He led from the start, I got close but never close enough. It was back and forth between the Belgium in 2nd and I and he prevailed. I rode really well on a tough course. Very, very twisty the entire course. Rocky, steep loose technical climbs. A bit too hot for my liking. I had some trouble eating enough and had to take a break at 2am – something that won’t work if you want to win. I recovered well and moved back up the field. Very fun race. This is a huge event with concerts and parties all going on while we raced. Our course goes across the stage. My crew was of course, perfect. Now a little down time on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. Drew”

As is typical of Drew, he vastly understates the shittiness when he says that he “had some trouble eating enough”.  Toni said he was tossing his cookies throughout the 21st lap.   He was pretty deep in the hurt locker, but as is typical of Drew, he got back in the race, and fought is way back onto the podium.  Atta boy.

Much more been going on.  Next post coming soon with more updates.




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