Max and Josh in the Media

2 05 2018

Been a long time, sports fans.  The blog is back for the spring season.

Max has been tearing up the high school mountain bike scene, but did you know his main sport is swimming?  He made the paper, and you can read more about it at   Great job, Max!

Max in his signature event, 100 meter Butterfly.


And yet another impressive Alchemist accomplishment.  Who knew that our very own Josh Winer was not only a strong cyclist, but also the #1 NFL Draft pick, having his bare-chested image grace the cover of Sports Illustrated?  Congrats, Josh!

Hey Josh, we all know you asked to take your shirt off for the photoshoot, so you could show off your sweet Alchemist tattoo.  Atta boy.  Monkey power!


Hey Josh, we can’t see your chest hairs in this photo. What gives?


Hey Josh, now that’s what I’m talking about. Sun’s out, guns out. Blue Steel comes in handy for race pics and magazine cover shoots.



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