Coronavirus Edition

5 05 2020

Not sure about anyone else, but not much new in my world since last time I posted.

There were so many things I wanted to catch everyone up on from the time before our current dystopian discontent.   But for the sake of limited time and bandwidth, here are the post-apocalyptic highlights:

Thank you Dr. Meditz!  Alchemist team rider and infectious disease wunderkind, Amie Meditz, was featured in the Daily Camera for her work on the COVID-19 pandemic.   Strong work, Amie.


Also. it’s about time for a new Team kit.  Nothing like frivolous spending to improve your quarantine-induced ennui.  2020 Team Kit below:


The Alchemist gaiters/buffs are expected in this week.  Not an N95 by any means, but enough to deflect the dirty looks when out riding/running/walking/shopping/displays of public intoxication.  Summer weight and moisture-wicking, so you can breathe through them without suffocating, over-heating, or fogging up your specs.  Limited supply, but more coming.

More to come soon with team updates.  Stay safe everyone.

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