Coronavirus Edition

5 05 2020

Not sure about anyone else, but not much new in my world since last time I posted.

There were so many things I wanted to catch everyone up on from the time before our current dystopian discontent.   But for the sake of limited time and bandwidth, here are the post-apocalyptic highlights:

Thank you Dr. Meditz!  Alchemist team rider and infectious disease wunderkind, Amie Meditz, was featured in the Daily Camera for her work on the COVID-19 pandemic.   Strong work, Amie.


Also. it’s about time for a new Team kit.  Nothing like frivolous spending to improve your quarantine-induced ennui.  2020 Team Kit below:


The Alchemist gaiters/buffs are expected in this week.  Not an N95 by any means, but enough to deflect the dirty looks when out riding/running/walking/shopping/displays of public intoxication.  Summer weight and moisture-wicking, so you can breathe through them without suffocating, over-heating, or fogging up your specs.  Limited supply, but more coming.

More to come soon with team updates.  Stay safe everyone.



One response

5 05 2020
Christopher Castilian

Hey Dr.. Wu! New kit looks great, was just thinking about that and wondering if you’ll were doing one this year. When do we need to have our orders in by?

How are you guys doing? Staying healthy? Hope so, thank you for everything you do…

See you soon!


Chris Castilian
Colorado Solutions, LLC
c: (303) 910-9551

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