18 Hours of Fruita, Sub 5 Century Record

12 05 2015

Huge effort at the 18 Hours of Fruita from the Alchemist contingent.  Drew, Toni, Laurie, and Tyler were down there putting the hurt on the competition.  Deb was racing with RMR and Jon P was there to help support.  Reading Drew’s race report makes me nostalgic of our 24 Hour Nationals efforts in the Springs a few years ago.  That kind of effort is lonely, and hurts so bad.  But in the waning hours, Drew and I rode the last two laps together, and it was the only two laps that I enjoyed.  If it wasn’t for his company, I wouldn’t have knocked out those last two and snuck onto the podium.  Wish I could have been there with you this time, Drew.

Looks like the 2nd annual Sub 5 Century was a huge success.  20 riders to start!  Great job everyone.  Thanks to Mike W for organizing.


Drew, Toni, Tyler, and Laurie went down to Fruita for 18 hours of pain. Huge effort from all. Toni (3rd), Laurie (Second), Drew (Second). Tyler, need your race report. Congrats on the Podiums!

Drew 18 hours of fruita podium

18 Hours of Fruita – round & round & round we go ……. Two years ago after winning the overall event I told Jeff I was not going to ever race the 18 Hours of Fruita again. It’s a great race, fun course that is all single track and a perfect venue for camping. Why not go back? Hmmmm. Now I remember – because it is very hard & hurts a lot. Well memories & pain fade as I age and we headed back this year. The 7 mile course is fun to ride. It is pretty much all single track which sounds great until you put 200 people on it trying to race. Oh – did I mention that it is dark. The race starts at midnight which is awesome and challenging. Single track probably makes for better riding than it does racing. Laps 1 & 2 are absolute chaos but things settle down then & people are really nice about passing. Being solo riders we end up riding pretty slow & have a lot of experience at getting passed. Alchemists Laurie Stanton, Toni Geer & myself all raced the solo event this year. Laurie put in some great laps to place 2nd overall with 14 laps and 102 miles. Toni was just behind here in 3rd. I rolled in 2nd overall with 25 laps, 182 miles, 10k vertical and one lap down on the winner. Laurie rode a steady pace for 12 hours knocking out lap after lap. She needed a break at noon & took a quick nap. Revitalized, she put in a couple more laps. Toni took a different, planned strategy. She rode two quick laps at night & went to bed. At 6 AM she got back on the bike & rode 10 hours. I started with even paced laps not ever digging too deep. I worked on riding smoothly and working the turns to maintain speed. I never sat down in our feed zone & tried to keep stops for feed & maintaining my bike to 3 minutes. We were riding solo/solo – meaning we did all our own feed & bike work. I was pretty cooked by 24 laps & Jon Pulley came on by to coax me along on my final lap – a life saver. After 25 laps I knew every turn, stick, rock, rabbit & dust particle out there. OK – I’m not going back solo again. This is a great race for teams. Lets get a few more Alchemist teams out there. I’ll provide support. Drew

IMG_0004 - Version 2

Toni on the Podium. Laurie, where were you? Need to show up to collect your hardwear next time.


Gearing up for the Hundo!


20 guys deep in the paceline


Working together for the Sub 5


From Mike W: There were some fast dudes out there. We started with 20, 15 finished. We were over 15 mins faster [than last year]! For the most part, the random mix of people worked pretty well. There was a bit of surging and occasionally some splitting of the group. For the most part it came back together with a little neutralization. All in all, a great way to spend a Sunday morning!


18 Hours of Fruita

9 05 2014

Mike dusty and tired after 18 hours of Fruita

Mike W. dusty and tired after 18 hours of Fruita

Mike W., Rich, Rick, Greg and Laurie were in Fruita last weekend choking down dust and tearing up the 18 Hours of Fruita course.  Here’s Mike’s account:

“Well, at least we had a ton of fun!  The race was a comedy of errors — viruses that led to barfing, bike lights that failed, double flatting, you name it — it all happened.  We ended up 16th but if those fails hadn’t piled on, we would have been in range of the top 5 again.

Jeff, I never managed to get the crew together for a team photo in the kits, my apologies.  The combination of heat & dust meant that the minute folks finished their efforts, they were off to wash up.  The shot I missed and would have loved to have was the one where just as Rich was leaving for his 8a-ish lap he asked me to grab him a burrito that he could eat once he got back.  Apparently he was thinking about that burrito the whole time he was out — as soon as he got back, he inhaled the thing in like 3 bites.  While still wearing his dusty riding gloves, glasses, helmet, and riding shoes.  He slipped on that lap and was completely covered in dust from head to toe.

Here’s what he looked like a moment or two later:

Rich after a hot lap, burrito, and a breath of air.

Rich after a hot lap, burrito, and a breath of air.

Laurie did her best but spent too much time stopping to let any/ everyone pass.  We got to hang out with her a bit, but she was bound & determined to stay self reliant despite my many offers to help…  Here she is at the finish:

Laurie after completing 18 Hours of Fruita

Laurie after completing 18 Hours of Fruita. Solo. This was on the heals of a 200k and 400k in Cali.  She’s a bit nuts

I am simultaneously in awe of Drew’s incredible result from last year (he managed an additional lap solo vs our team total) and searching for reasons how that could have happened?  Sure they added some length to the course & not just additional trail, but twisty/ turny sandy slow sections to boot.  I’ve already emailed Drew my additional respects and tried to avoid the long list of excuses.”

Here are a few more shots:

Rick after a long night of barfing.  But hey, sun's out, guns out!

Rick after a long night of barfing. But hey, sun’s out, guns out!

Dirty, dirty.

Dirty, dirty.

Drew wins 18 hours of Fruita!

7 05 2013

Drew carving a turn, and a win, at the 18 Hours of Fruita.  Photo by Eddie Clark and hijacked from Mountain Flyer.

Drew carving a turn, and a win, at the 18 Hours of Fruita. Photo by Eddie Clark and hijacked from Mountain Flyer. 


While the rest of the Team raced the relatively benign Battle the Bear this past weekend (60 miles, ho-hum), Alchemist/Kappius rider, Drew G., toed the line with a stout open solo field this past weekend at the 18 hours of Fruita.  After the dust settled, Drew, at 53 years young, came away the victor.  He dominated the field of solo riders as well as many teams.  In the end, he logged 27 laps and 197 miles!  Change that number plate to a “1”, mister!

Mad props and big ups, Drew.   His Boss, Toni G., took second in the open solo female cat.  Congrats to both Geers!

18 hours of Fruita results

18 hours of Fruita results

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