303 Cycling Colorado State CX Championship Video

22 12 2011

A little sump’n to send you into the holidays with. 303Cycling has video of the Colorado State Cyclocross Championship.

Alchemist takes on Boulder Cup

31 10 2011

The Boulder Cup is always a great event.  Sunday’s throw down at Valmont Bike Park was no exception.  Claire manned the Alchemist tent and several Alchemist riders toed the line for the Juniors’ race.  Check out this video from Blake at 303Cycling. Might be the only video around shot from the rider’s perspective in a juniors cyclocross race.  You’ll see flashes of the Alchemist jersey on Max and Grant.  Luke also raced.  All had a great time.

Big thanks to Kris at 303cycling for the video and the photo of Max below.

Team Alchemist rider, Max Kreidl, racing in the Boulder Cup

Team Alchemist rider, Max Kreidl, racing in the Boulder Cup

Ryan Trebon debuted the Alchemist/LTS socks yesterday at the Colorado Cup.
Here’s vid from Cyclingdirt.org. Truth is, I just can’t take my eyes off of Ryan’s socks!


Watch more video of Colorado Classic/ Boulder Cup 2011 on cyclingdirt.org

Ryan Trebon's foot

Ryan Trebon's foot

Team Alchemist at Interbike

24 09 2011



A week has passed since Vegas, and I’m still decompressing from spending 3 days in that filthy hole in the Earth.   But through the stale cigarette smoke, skanky ladies, and the silver hairs pumping away their life savings and social security checks into the slot machines, Alchemist was able to survive and carve out a little progress.

Syd VeloWool Trainer

The biggest hit was the introduction of the Syd VeloWool® Trainer.  Team Alchemist members, especially Stuart, have been doing the field testing.  We are refining every aspect, but the protoypes we had at Interbike were eye catching and very popular.  Claire took the company jet to Italy this summer for this photoshoot on the island of Corsica.

Check out the 303cycling article on local companies flaunting their wares at Interbike.   You might recognize a couple faces.

  • Met a ton of cool folks in Vegas.  For example, Bruce, with UNO.  UNO is a high-end, funky bike shop in Tucson.  He’s been thinking about a team kit for some time, but even with his shop and team guys hounding him, couldn’t pull the trigger.  He finally decided to go for it at Interbike.  He has a logo and a skull, but he wasn’t sure what the jersey was actually going to look like.  After a little chat, we got this:
  • VanHalen crazy plaid guitar, maybe on a sleeve.
  • UNO logo prominent.
  • Pancho (hand-drawn skull) logo somewhere on the jersey.
  • QR code on the rear pocket

Eddie VanHalen inspired UNO jersey

Big props to Claire on this one. She created the sleeve pattern based on a pic of Eddie VanHalen’s guitar.  UNO guys loved it.  We can’t wait to unleash this baby on the rest of the world.

Against my better judgement, I signed up for the 24 hours of Colorado Springs next week.  Registered at the 11th hour for solo single speed.  I shut it down after the Breck Epic, and I’ve never ridden more than 10 hours in one sitting before.  This one could hurt.

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