Halloween Rave Party Fun and the new Alchemist SALE page

1 11 2012

RAVE party

Rave party. Young folks gone wild.

It’s Halloween.  Instead of sleeping before the shift, I trick-or-treated with the kids.  The past two years, we came back to find the unmanned bowl of candy emptied by teenagers (In all fairness, I merely assume they were teenagers, but I haven’t caught them yet).  Fantasizing about all the nefarious tactics I could employ to catch the thieves, I finally went back home to check on the candy bowl.  Remarkably, it was not empty.  My faith in the next generation was restored.

And then I came to work.  I’m told there is a rave party going on at the event center down the road. The parade of drunk, acid-tripping youth has been non-stop.  Some spitting, some hitting, some just yelling.  Some in costume.  Remind me to ask for Halloween off next year.

We have a new SALE page with um, sale items.  Discounts and stuff.  Check it out. http://teamalchemist.com/shop/alchemist-sale.html

Blog Followers and Procrastinators REJOICE!

16 12 2011

Procrastinating Santa

If you are reading this blog, you either  a) have too much time on our hands, b) love Alchemist,  c) both, or d) none of the above and you accidentally stumbled onto this page.  So to celebrate your boredom/loyalty/good fortune we are offering a sweet little deal.  15% OFF your entire purchase.  Use the coupon code:


It’s good until midnight MST on December 18th.  To sweeten the deal, you can get FREE SHIPPING on purchases greater than $100.   Head over to http://teamalchemist.com/ to get yer savings on.

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