All Hail the Black Market Plug

27 11 2011

Stevil Kinevil writes an irreverent, hilarious, often naughty blog entitled All Hail the Black Market.  So what is it?  In Steve’s words,”All Hail The Black Market is a collection of stimulating flotsam, hand picked and curated with loving care in the singular hope to put the ‘cult’ back in bicycle culture.”

We met Stevil at Interbike via the incomparable, Jenn Dice.  If you have an embarrassingly abundant amount of time to kill at work, and you’ve already read and reread through all the Alchemist blog posts dating back to 2010, you need to check out his site.  It’ll addict you.

Stevil Knevil, his bike, and his Alchemist organic tee shirt

Stevil taking a break to air out his organic Alchemist Boss Hogg tee shirt and plant the wildflower seeds embedded in the shirt's hang tag.

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