Alchemist takes on Boulder Cup

31 10 2011

The Boulder Cup is always a great event.  Sunday’s throw down at Valmont Bike Park was no exception.  Claire manned the Alchemist tent and several Alchemist riders toed the line for the Juniors’ race.  Check out this video from Blake at 303Cycling. Might be the only video around shot from the rider’s perspective in a juniors cyclocross race.  You’ll see flashes of the Alchemist jersey on Max and Grant.  Luke also raced.  All had a great time.

Big thanks to Kris at 303cycling for the video and the photo of Max below.

Team Alchemist rider, Max Kreidl, racing in the Boulder Cup

Team Alchemist rider, Max Kreidl, racing in the Boulder Cup

Ryan Trebon debuted the Alchemist/LTS socks yesterday at the Colorado Cup.
Here’s vid from Truth is, I just can’t take my eyes off of Ryan’s socks!

Watch more video of Colorado Classic/ Boulder Cup 2011 on

Ryan Trebon's foot

Ryan Trebon's foot

Boulder Cup and Wool Jerseys

5 11 2010

Boulder Cup had some slick corners

Last weekend was the Boulder Cup. It went quite nicely.  Great weather and a big time race that attracts the big names in cyclocross.  We set up shop next to Jordan and the Mountain Flyer guys.  Race Day fell on Halloween this year, so we had plates of cookies and bowls of candy for the passersby.  Things started heating up around 10a.  Turns out that the candy and cookies weren’t the only draw to the booth.  The wool jersey garnered a bit of buzz around the booth.  I didn’t realize the kind of impact it would have on our overall sales. As the wool jersey caught people’s eye, they’d slow down enough to check out our other stuff.  Some of them even pulled out their wallets.   Like a bad soldier, I abandoned my post in the heat of it all and left Hannah to handle the mob.  I had to meet the boys for a ride up at West Mag.  With some of the other Team Alchemist riders, Jeff C, Stuart, and Ken, we got in one of the last rides that will be had up there.  Aside from a couple snow fields that we slid down, the trails were in great shape and the weather was perfect for it.

Attention getter

When I got back to the race, Claire had joined in the booth, and they had sold a fair number of shirts, and all but one of the wool jerseys.  Looks like we’ll have to get more.  Keep your antennae up for the next batch, which will be bigger and badder.  Plan is to offer customization of the woolies.  Should be pretty kick-ass.  Since one posting of this foolish photo wasn’t enough, I’m posting it again. Plus I don’t have a good pic of it otherwise.  Planning to get some shots of Claire sporting the jersey for the website, so that will be an upgrade.  Might have to convince Sue to do a shoot too.

For the Octoberberg faithful, I’ve been lazy about getting those photos of the ride posted.  But I will.

Oprah and the Boulder Cup

30 10 2010

Oprah gives Alchemist a thumbs up!

I was talking to a friend the other day about how to get noticed.  She writes a blog about book reviews that gets a loyal following. Her advice to me, “Mention Oprah.”


“Yeah, Oprah is like gold.  You talk about Oprah, and you’re in.”

So here goes:  I saw Oprah at the Opera the other day.  Oprah and I are tight.  I told Oprah,”Oprah, you should host a TV show called, ‘Oprah'”.  Oprah told me Oprah already has a show called “Oprah”.  Oprah also has a Magazine called “O“, which stands for Oprah.  No doubt,  Oprah knows “Oprah”.

That should do it.

Boudler Cup at the old Harlow Platte

Boulder Cup is tomorrow.  It’s the biggest cyclocross race in the area.  It usually draw a large crowd of elite racers, spectators and cowbells.  Strangely, they moved locations from the traditional Harlow-Platte location to Flatirons Mall, in Broomfield.   Broomfield Cup doesn’t have the same catchiness, but I’m sure the racing and vibe will still be top notch.  We’ll be setting up shop at the race.  So if you are around, drop by the Alchemist booth for complimentary cookies and candy while you browse our designs and goods.   We’ll have race day specials, including the “Bike Share” shirts which we’ll be selling for $10 in celebration of the upcoming elections.  $10 for a slick 100% organic shirt?  I know, it’s criminal.

Jeff C. is arranging a Super Hall ride for tomorrow.  Most of us will be riding singlespeed.  If you are up for it, come along. I gotta set-up the booth in the am, then I’m going to let Hannah hold down the fort until Claire can get there.  So late morning start.  We hope to be done in time for the UCI pros in the afternoon.  See you there!

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