Oprah and the Boulder Cup

30 10 2010

Oprah gives Alchemist a thumbs up!

I was talking to a friend the other day about how to get noticed.  She writes a blog about book reviews that gets a loyal following. Her advice to me, “Mention Oprah.”


“Yeah, Oprah is like gold.  You talk about Oprah, and you’re in.”

So here goes:  I saw Oprah at the Opera the other day.  Oprah and I are tight.  I told Oprah,”Oprah, you should host a TV show called, ‘Oprah'”.  Oprah told me Oprah already has a show called “Oprah”.  Oprah also has a Magazine called “O“, which stands for Oprah.  No doubt,  Oprah knows “Oprah”.

That should do it.

Boudler Cup at the old Harlow Platte

Boulder Cup is tomorrow.  It’s the biggest cyclocross race in the area.  It usually draw a large crowd of elite racers, spectators and cowbells.  Strangely, they moved locations from the traditional Harlow-Platte location to Flatirons Mall, in Broomfield.   Broomfield Cup doesn’t have the same catchiness, but I’m sure the racing and vibe will still be top notch.  We’ll be setting up shop at the race.  So if you are around, drop by the Alchemist booth for complimentary cookies and candy while you browse our designs and goods.   We’ll have race day specials, including the “Bike Share” shirts which we’ll be selling for $10 in celebration of the upcoming elections.  $10 for a slick 100% organic shirt?  I know, it’s criminal.

Jeff C. is arranging a Super Hall ride for tomorrow.  Most of us will be riding singlespeed.  If you are up for it, come along. I gotta set-up the booth in the am, then I’m going to let Hannah hold down the fort until Claire can get there.  So late morning start.  We hope to be done in time for the UCI pros in the afternoon.  See you there!

Kid Rock and Wool Jersey

27 10 2010

rockin new lyrics

I’m sitting here on another night shift listening to tunes.  It reminds me of the other night when the clerk had cranked up her ipod and we were all subjected to a rancid dose of Kid Rock.  Don’t get me wrong, his original hit  “Bawitdaba-da-bang-da-dang- / diggy-diggy-diggy-said-the boogie-said-up-jump-the-boogie.” was a breakthrough in lyrical genius, and no doubt the product of a gifted muse.  But on this particular night, I was introduced to perhaps an even greater feat of poetic ingenuity.  Not only did he borrow (read, steal) the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd tune “Sweet Home Alabama”, but he brought together a chorus of lyrics that shook me to the core.

“. . .And we were trying different things.
We were smoking funny things.”

Kid Rock had somehow managed to do the unthinkable.  He had rhymed the word “thing” with the word . . .”thing”.  I suppose this kind of rare etymological brilliance is what keeps his devoted fan base coming back for more.

So Veloswap went quite nice for our little booth.  Claire and Hannah were given licenses to deal, and so, in the spirit of Veloswap, struck deals with dozens of rabid hagglers.  A good time was had by all, and we sold a few shirts.

Unfortunately, the next day at the cyclocross race could be summed up in one word, crappy.  Between the frigid temps and the gale force winds, the crowd was either there to race or to survive.  We spent most of our time helping parched racers prime the stubborn hand pump that was used to suck water out of the community jug, which happen to be located right next to our booth.  Not to say it wasn’t a beautiful venue though.  If you look closely, you can see a line of racers trudging up heinous hill.  The photo doesn’t do justice to how long and steep it really is.

Just got the new Alchemist Wool jerseys in.  100% super-soft merino wool.  This was just a test run for team members to try out.  But we do have a few left over, so let me know if you want to grab one.  We’ll let them go for a very reasonable price.  If you can identify the gang sign that this clown is throwing, then you get a free pair of our luscious bamboo socks with it.

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