In Tanzania

22 02 2013

Mountains of gear heading to Kilimanjaro.  Bikes and Medical supplies.  Plus, hotwheels and crayons for the local kids.

Mountains of gear heading to Kilimanjaro. Bikes and Medical supplies. Plus, hotwheels and crayons for the local kids.

Got into Tanzania late last night.  It was a long day of travel, but glad to be here.  Miraculously, all our gear arrived, including the bikes.

Today, we are visiting the local Masaai village, in which Doug Pitt is considered an “elder”.  In Tanzania, and especially in a Masaai village, Doug is a way bigger deal than his older brother.  Given his VIP status, I’m told that we don’t have to ask permission to take pictures.  I hope to get some.

The word is that Jambo, which is “Hello” in Swahili, is what foreigners would say.  The locals say, Habari, which is like saying “How are you?”  HABARI to all the Countryside Montessori kids following the blog!  Kim, I’ll try to keep the posts G-rated.

Thanks to all the well-wishers, my kids, Syd and Jake, and, of course, the Boss, my lovely wife, Sue.

You can follow fellow travelers’ posts and updates here on the Kli Facebook page:

More to come.

Disembarking at Kilimanjaro Airport.

Disembarking at Kilimanjaro Airport.

Breck Epic Pre-Race

12 08 2012

Breck Epic begins tomorrow.  Pre-race registration and meeting was today.  Good to see familiar faces and friends.  Riding this one solo since Stuart decided to ride with George W.Bush instead.  Hard to believe, I know. In any case, 6 days of hard racing ahead.

Big congrats to the Alchemist Team riders and friends racing the Leadville 100 today.  Drew (8:11! I know you wanted sub-8, but that is absurdly fast), Jon(9:01 (Pulley, you couldn’t have ridden one minute faster?)), Paul (Leadman contender threw down a 10:15), Deb (sub 12 belt buckle with no base miles under her belt. Great comeback.), Jenn (9th belt buckle, one to go!), Rick (10:50 on an all-mountain bike), Bliss(9:16 and here in Breck right now for the Leadville/Epic Double down.  John, you can’t be serious.), Travis (9:50 off the couch!  He just flew in late last night ,and saddled up for 100 miles.), Doug (10:20, the big winner earned 100k for World Serve and clean water.  Boom!  But more importantly he was riding in a custom HOMEGROWN jersey).

Doug in his custom HOMEGROWN Jersey

Doug in his custom HOMEGROWN Jersey. Worth 100 G’s, baby!

Someone send me some more pics fer cryin’ out loud.

Also, big ups to Alchemist Rider, Steven, who mixed it up with some big names in Steamboat for the Stinger. He brought home 5th in the singlespeed cat.

And Chris W. throwing down for a podium spot at Winter Park.

Chris Watts on the podium

Chris representing on the podium. Sweet.

Strong work, everyone!  Ken, Bliss, Chris C. and I will be on it tomorrow.

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