King of the Mountain

7 04 2012

Alchemist rider and apparel model,  Jon “The Limey” Pulley, sits atop the Strava leader board on Reboot.  It is a little piece of trail off of Magnolia Rd.  Just to get to it, you have to climb Magnolia, which rises up 2500′ from Boulder Canyon.  Some fella named Horgan-Kobelski couldn’t knock him off the throne.

strava KOM

JHK can't hang with Jon Pulley

A new development with the Alchemist knickers.  We are working on gathering the fabric and materials for production in the U.S.A.  The first prototype was sweet, but the final product is going to be off the hook.   It will be the best short/knicker available.  No kidding.  More to come.

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