Fruita Fat Tire Festival

30 04 2012

Claire, Nicole, and Patton went down to the Fruita Fat Tire Festival this past weekend.   They demoed some Salsa 29ers and set up shop in downtown Fruita. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Toothless Walt Works Jersey

Mr. Fish found the perfect jersey

Borat loves Alchemist!

Borat loves Alchemist! This fan hung an Alchemist cowbell around his neck and strutted his stuff all over downtown Fruita. We couldn't be more proud.

Ryan with the newest hot-off-the-press Alchemist recycled T-shirt

Claire and Nicole with the Green Guru boys demoing Salsa Bikes

Claire and Nicole with the Green Guru boys demoing Salsa Bikes

Alchemist Wool making the rounds

Alchemist Wool making the rounds

Alchemist After Dark

The Alchemist Ladies cut loose in downtown Fruita.

US Pro Cycling Challenge finishing on Flag and Flatwater Shout

28 02 2012

Bittersweet.  So stage 6 of the US Pro Cycling Challenge will finish on Flagstaff in Boulder. Yeah!  But they are finishing at the flagpole at the amphitheater. WHAT?!  Ok, I understand the finish at the mailboxes on top of Super Flag is a little tight for media and fans, but as Dan aptly put it, finishing at the amphitheater is like doing “Sissy Flag”.  The local test piece isn’t the same without the Super part.  You may as well just call it Castrated Flag.  I know every little speck of pavement on that climb, and the gruntiest parts are above the amphitheater turn off.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see that familiar look of agony on the uber-pros’ faces when they look up and see the Wall?  Here is that vid of my Flag descent to the tunes of Justin Timberlake.  I’m such a girl.

Flatwater Cycling kit

Flatwater Cycling kit

Lest all you Boulderites think that all sweetness resides in the Bubble, I have to let you know that there is a club out in Nebraska that kicks ass.  Yes, Nebraska.  Flatwater Cycling is stylin in Alchemist custom BLACKBOXX kits, complete with premium Italian fabrics, eco-Ink, custom Flatlock stitching, and Powerband grippers. While I’d like to take credit for that sweet design, I have to give props to Sean at Flatwater for the killer graphics.  We are honored to partner with these Nebraskan badasses on their custom cycling jerseys and kits. Props fellas.

Needle in a Haystack and pics of prototype Knickers

30 01 2012

Just spent two hours looking for a needle in a haystack.  Except it wasn’t in a haystack, it was embedded in a fella’s arm.  It doesn’t take a lot of guess work to figure out how it got there.  After multiple x-rays, ultrasounds, three different incisions, and way more persistence than I would normally allow for any given patient, I came up empty handed.  The better part of valor would likely have been to just let it be from the beginning, but I was pretty confident I could get it out.  No dice.  It’s a hard one to swallow.  I don’t get beat too often in the ER.  But that tiny little needle got the best of me.

Here’s a couple pics of the first prototype of the Alchemist knickers.  We are pretty excited about these.  I’ve been testing and riding in them for the past 2 weeks.  Logos are reflective.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Alchemist Knickers

Alchemist Knickers, Butt view

Sh*t Cyclists Say and new BAGGIES!

23 01 2012

Roadie fodder for sure.  But mountain bikers, at least the XC crowd, know it hits closer to home than they would like to admit. Without a doubt, the farmer-blow spoof is so right on I don’t have adequate prose to describe it.  You just gotta watch it.

Stuart picked this out of the comments section: (edited down to PG-13ish rating)
You need to change the title to Things Psychotic Gay Cyclists Say. I don’t say any of this sh*t. Nobody I know who bikes says any of this sh*t. Where’s the old staples like “F**king cars” and “Get the f**k out of the bike lane” and “You f**king almost just killed me with your f**king car a$$hole”. This is embarrassing, you’re misrepresenting to the point of straight up defamation.

Prototype version 1.0 of the 3/4 pant Alchemist baggies?  Bomber.  Manpris? Perhaps.  Call em what you will, but they will definitely be the creme de la creme.  Pics to follow.


You ____ one goat and . . .

15 01 2012

MTBR photo caption contest

You ____ one goat and . . .

Yikes! MTBR forums has a caption contest.  The winner in my book for this one came from Weinerts, “You ___ one goat and . . .


Folks get sick on Christmas. The case of the Blue Man.

30 12 2011

Blue Man

What is it about Christmas?  Maybe it’s the stress.  Maybe it’s the booz.  Maybe it’s the family.  Maybe it’s the ham.  But for whatever reason, folks get sick on Christmas.  Rolling in through the front door was a guy that looked like Papa Smurf, but without the red hat, and not nearly as happy.  He was having a hard time breathing, real hard time.  He had the highest blood pressure I’ve ever seen, and his breathing could be best described as gurgling.  Even after I intubated him, I couldn’t get his Oxygen level anywhere near adequate.

I think I intubate or run a code on someone every Christmas.  Tis the season.

The Syd VeloWool Trainers came in on Christmas Eve.  Too late to get them to our pre-ordered customers.  Really bummed me out.  A snow storm in Denver delayed the shipment, and the trainers were stuck in a hangar at the Denver airport. I found myself standing in front of the UPS lady pleading,”But you are ruining Christmas!!!“.  No dice.  I emailed all the Alchemist faithful, who were still holding their collective breathes that their pre-ordered holiday gifts would arrive in time.  I braced for a backlash of angry, frustrated replies.  But without exception, everyone was incredibly understanding.  The warm responses and heartfelt support was enough to restore my faith in humanity, and it certainly makes me thankful that the group of people who like Alchemist gear are the kind of folks I want to be associated with.

Syd VeloWool Trainer

As far as the Syd goes, we couldn’t be happier with them.   It’s a great piece.  Not that I’m biased.

Syd VeloWool Ad

10 11 2011

New Alchemist ad for the Syd in Mountain Flyer!  Soon to be in Velonews too.  As a reminder, pre-orders on sale for $129.

Syd VeloWool Trainer

Syd VeloWool Trainer Ad

Born to Run and Syd VeloWool Pre-Order Sale!

6 11 2011

Born to Run

Born to Run (away from reality)

Born to Run.  A book by Christopher McDougall about, well, running.  Running a long ways.  Listening to the book on tape as we drove back from Vegas was the deciding factor for me to sign up for the National Championships at the 24 hours of COS.  I know, the 24 hours of COS is a mountain bike race, but the ability of the Tarahumara People to run incredible distances, to run it fast, and do it with a smile on their faces was inspirational.  It got me pumped to do one more you-gotta-be-kidding-me event.

It’s been over a month since the 24 hours of COS. And now, with the season officially shut down, I thought I’d give running a go. It’s been over a year since I last laced up the running shoes.  My personal history of running is not illustrious or fantastic.  In fact, I’m a comical shit-show of suffering and pain when I have to put one foot in front of the other.  Imagine a beached whale.  That would be a generous description of how I run. But this time would be different.  The technique and mentality of proper and enjoyable running had been revealed.  I understood how to be light and agile on the balls of my feet.  Just brush the ground.  Just brush it.  Just . . . brush . . it.

Well, I ran about a mile and a half, and it hurt like hell.  I lumbered and plodded for all but the first 100 yards.  I didn’t even finish the run. I walked the last half mile home.  Born to run.  F*ck that.

Syd VeloWool trainer by Alchemist

Syd VeloWool trainer by Alchemist

The Syd VeloWool® Trainers are just around the corner.  We are offering $30 off pre-orders until December 1.  The Syd is featured in the latest Velonews.  The December issue is so hot off the presses, it’s not online yet.  You’ll have to check out the print version.  When you do,  flip to the Holiday Gift Guide.  You can see the Syd in all its glory on a full page spread.

Check out Tom, Jenn, and her nephew, Max, sporting Palace City Pedalers jerseys.  Designed and made by Alchemist.

Palace City Pedalers

Palace City Pedalers

Tom Dice and Grandson, Max.  Palace City Pedaler Stalwarts

Tom Dice and Grandson, Max. Palace City Pedaler Stalwarts

Sale ON! 40% off Wool Jerseys

11 02 2011

Alchemist Merino Wool Cycling Jersey

Alchemist Merino Wool Cycling Jersey

Until the end of February, pre-order our classic Merino Wool Jersey and receive 40% off the retail price.  100% Aussie Merino Wool.  100% kick-ass.

On sale for $96.

Back to $160 after that, ya lazy bums.

Want to customize it?  Contact Claire at

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