Leadville Trail 100 Video featuring Team ALCHEMIST!

11 09 2013

Lucy Stylianou came all the way from England to shoot this awesome video of the Leadville trail 100 mtb race.  The video was sponsored by Saint-Gobain/Norglide Bearings, and featured cycling legends like Rebecca Rush and our very own,  Jenn Dice (#22 on the Outside Magazine Power List).  Team Alchemist Racers, Jenn D., Dan R., Disco Stu, Drew, and myself were asked to be interviewed and filmed for the video.  My interview was in the middle of a brewing storm, so the audio was unfortunately too crappy to use.  Had my Waltworks there to show off too.  Sorry Walt.

Tweet it, Facebook it, Share it with friends/family `cus we are famous! (in our own tiny little minds).

The color of Melena and Betasso Video

1 10 2010

During an uncharacteristically chill shift, I decided to spice up the names of the colors of the shirts on the website.  Here is what I came up with, along with the complementary ER names in parentheses.  Thanks to the staff in the department for assisting with these.

Black: Johnny Cash Black (Melena)

White: Lone Ranger White (Purulence)

Red: Racy Red (Vag Bleeder)

Smoke: Race Slate (Coffee Ground Emesis)

Chocolate: Dark Henna (C. Diff Diarrhea)

Green: Renegade Green (Bile)

Check out this video of Jenn shredding the decent at Betasso.  Counterclockwise.

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