Old School

25 02 2011

35 years ago, this was NEW school.

One of the nurses here on night shift is an endurance freak.  He did the Colorado Trail Race on bike before there was ever a race.  No mail drops.  No fan fare.  Just him and his bike.  His list of accomplishments is lengthy, and he plans to set the record for the Grand Canyon Quad next fall (rim to rim to rim to rim to rim).  The current record is around 22 hours, which is apprently “soft”.    But none of those conquests even begins to approximate the fact that he can pull off this look.  Alas, the long flowing locks from the photo have now been shorn.  And the wool ensemble with leather chamois have given way to lycra and spandex.  Fortunately, Alchemist is resurrecting the old school wool, but without the itch.  As for the Peugeot styling, I’m thinking we may do a limited run of those in new school fabric.  Keep an eye out.


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