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3 10 2015

About the enter the Pain Cave.

About the enter the Pain Cave.

Following up on his Everesting Flagstaff adventure, Drew is in Weaverville, CA for the 24 Hour Solo World Championships.  Tonight Toni and I are hanging out in a motel in Weaverville California. Tomorrow is the 24 Hour Solo World Championships. Everyone – elite pro and age group all racing together.  I have the privilege of racing other old guys instead of open. Course is wicked hard. 3 mile climb, 9-19% grade, than a fantastic enduro type DH for 10 miles. 1700 feet climbing per lap and it will take 15 laps plus to win my age – 20 for the elites. Almost another Everest adventure.  Toni is my pro support crew, wisely electing not to partake in such nonsense herself.”  Global endurance badass and Friend of Alchemist, Sonya Looney, is also toeing the line.  Multi-National Champ and Friend of Alchemist, Josh Tostado, out there looking for a World title.  Follow their World dominating progress here.

In the Multisport world, Emily has been slaying all comers.  Here she is after her recent aquabike win.


Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Category winner. 2nd overall. Beat all the men.

Category winner. 2nd overall. Beating all the men.

Winner gets a bowl of ramen. And bragging rights. And a spot on the Alchemist blog.

Winner gets a bowl of ramen. And bragging rights. And a spot on the Alchemist blog. Big Ups Emily!

Looney Rocks Cyclepassion 2013 Calendar

4 12 2012

Sonya Looney in CyclePassion

Look at the size of that tire!

Thanks to Drew for keeping us all up to speed on the latest important cycling news.  He sent over the recent Cycling News article featuring Boulder resident and friend of Alchemist, Sonya Looney, and her fellow badasses from cycling’s sisterhood.  Sonya graces the month of February.  She joins an international team of riders/models including Julia Innerhofer (Italy), Barbara Benko (Hungary), Anneke Berten (The Netherlands), and Nadine Rieder (Germany), to name a few.  Yes, all the photos have a consistently spicy flavor.  Yes, they all ride bicycles, really fast.  Yes, they can all kick your ass.  Yes, I have first hand experience–Sonya pretty much leaves me in the dust every time I’m within shouting distance of her in any given race.

Except for having to pay in Euros, Cyclepassion appears to be a contender for Holiday gift of choice.  Bundle it with a stylish Alchemist T-shirt, hoodie or jersey, and I think you have a hands-down winner.

Sonya Looney in Cyclepassion

“I’m going to take this absurdly huge saddle, and I’m going to beat you with it.” xoxo, Sonya.

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