Breck Epic Stage 5, Wheeler Pass Video

19 08 2012

Breck Epic Stage 5 Wheeler Pass Elevation Profile

Breck Epic Stage 5 Wheeler Pass Elevation Profile

Wheeler. It’s a nice hike.  The red horned devil at the top of the profile?  That’s Hell at over 12,000′.

Spent too much time putting together the video. Too tired to write much.  The stabilization feature on imovie takes forever, so be forewarned, it’s kinda shaky at times.

Rode with Ken, Chris, and Team Bliss, John and Michele.  Ken and Team Bliss rode to victory.  Yeehaw.


Mothergrabbin’ Wind!

15 11 2011

It’s a La Nina year.  That means a dry and windy winter.  Dry is good.  But we’ve been getting biblical force winds.  Ken, Stuart and I rode out at Boulder Valley Rance last Saturday.  Between gusts that swept us off the trail on numerous occasions, we stopped to shoot a brief video.

We rode about 30 miles in this sh*t, but ended up at Reuben’s Burger Bistro for happy hour sliders and beer.  So it was a pretty nice ride for Team Alchemist in the end.

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