Leadville Trail 100 Video featuring Team ALCHEMIST!

11 09 2013

Lucy Stylianou came all the way from England to shoot this awesome video of the Leadville trail 100 mtb race.  The video was sponsored by Saint-Gobain/Norglide Bearings, and featured cycling legends like Rebecca Rush and our very own,  Jenn Dice (#22 on the Outside Magazine Power List).  Team Alchemist Racers, Jenn D., Dan R., Disco Stu, Drew, and myself were asked to be interviewed and filmed for the video.  My interview was in the middle of a brewing storm, so the audio was unfortunately too crappy to use.  Had my Waltworks there to show off too.  Sorry Walt.

Tweet it, Facebook it, Share it with friends/family `cus we are famous! (in our own tiny little minds).

Dan B. rocks the Ironman Coeur d’Alene

28 06 2013

Finish Yoga.  Or as Buss described it "Vomit suppression pose"

Finish Yoga. Or as Buss described it “Vomit suppression pose”

Dan B. could barely swim when he decided to do an Ironman.  But then again, Busse is no stranger to bad decisions.  He’s done multiple Leadman’s (all the Leadville events in a season), RAAM rider, Breck Epic . . . The list goes on.

Last weekend, he went to Coeur d’Alene  to qualify for Ironman Kona, and try not to drown.   He came out of the water in 71st.  By the end of the bike, he was in 35th.  The man can ride.  He was picking off more folks until the wheels came off around mile 11 on the marathon.  He death marched it home, and still manage to fend off most other folks to keep his standing, finishing in the top 10%.   Congrats buss.  You da man.

Buss crushing the bike with his Alchemist kit and aero helmet.

Buss crushing the bike with his Alchemist kit and aero helmet.

Feeling rough, but looking strong at the finish

Feeling rough, but looking strong at the finish

Naked Women Show Appreciation for Alchemist Team Riders

11 06 2013

Sean's caption for this, "Naked Girl swoon over the Alchemist magnetism"

“Naked Girls show appreciation for the domestique work of the Alchemist Team.”

Sean B. sent this photo of him and Todd at the Ride the Rockies.  The caption under the photo is his, not mine.  Domestiques, for those who don’t know,  typically ride at the front, blocking the wind for the Team leaders behind them.  So Sean, what you are telling me is that you and Todd rode at the front, pulling the Naked ladies along in your wake.  So that means they were looking at your asses the whole day?

You guys are doing it all wrong.

NAKED WOMEN Mix It Up with Alchemist Team Rider

10 06 2013

Sean B. gets busy at the Ride the Rockies with the Naked Women Race Team. Kris in an Alchemist made 303Cycling Kit joins in the fun.

Alchemist Team rider, Sean B. gets busy at the Ride the Rockies with the Naked Women Race Team. Kris in an Alchemist made 303Cycling kit joins in the fun.  Todd, where were you?


303cycling video of day #1

Luke Wins Short Track, and Drew Crushing Euro’s at Trans Germany

8 06 2013

Luke crushed the field in last Wednesdays Short Track sporting the new Team jersey (junior edition).

Drew is over in Germany throwing down some serious climbing against the best that Europe has to offer.

Here is his account from days #1 and #2:  WARNING:  Bliss said the following account made his sphincter quiver.  If you have a fragile sphincter do NOT read further.

Tough day today. Dropped a few places – finished 16th & probably about the same in GC. Only riding about 5 min slower than yesterday though so I h=am hanging in there.

Stage one was a hard race. Rode over threshold for anything that was flat or uphill. I was pegged but was deep in a big group of riders. That was a great race for me. I have never raced that hard in the US. These guys & gals can climb! Climbs are uber steep. The start climb was 75% grade – though that was a joke. Everyone crawled up it bike on their back. Had a terrible start block assigned but just moved myself (like Thomas would) up to about 300. Then off the line about 20 of us sprinted on the parallel bike path right up to the top 50. 20k battle in a huge pack to hold your position.

Today was a bigger stage. 2500m climbing. 14% short first climb but of course everyone is going 100%. I set my personal record for VAM  (vertical meters ascent). I was positioned well but took a big face of mud on the descent – it is wet & muddy here. Had to stop & take out a contact so I lost a bit & my train. Did not have the fast helmet – could have used it for the wind.

The monster climb is to the top of the Kitzbuel ski area up the famous Hannekam DH course. Only a 11k climb but it was 10-14% & relentless. Don’t have to worry about gear selection. Just put it in the smallest I have & grind. Climbed into the snow at the top. We descended on the “new” world championship course built for the UCI World Marathon here in 2 weeks. By new of course they mean – build last week. Brand new very rough terrain. 3000 feet drop in 7k.  Their site describes the top a “selective” and the bottom as “flowey”.  There must be a German translation problem. What “selective” really means is terri-fucking-fying. It is major world cup technical with roots, drops, vertical off camber turn/drops.  What “flowey” means is dense wet roots with 12 inches of mud flowing over them. I have never raced nor ridden any course in the US that difficult. I am actually a better descender than the group & am riding with so I am generally moving up in the group on the DH.

Tomorrow – another monster climb of course right out of the start. Does not look quite as steep which is good for me. I am happier at less than 8%. Still in race mode – have not yeet stooped to survival mode but it is coming.

Good beer. Good sausages.

Here is Luke cruising to the win.

Indian Creek

5 06 2013

Stuart crossing Indian Creek

Stuart crossing Indian Creek

Indian Peaks — RME Series Race #3

Team Alchemist had a nice showing at the third installment of the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series at Indian Peaks. This was the inaugural year of the race, and it didn’t disappoint.

Alex C. considers these trails his backyard stomping grounds.  He rides the single track around Sedalia regularly. His beta: really fun course, and really hard.  I threw on a 20 tooth cog for the climbs that were advertised as soul suckers.

Mike W. volunteered to load up Mabel with the Boulder crowd for the ride down.  One aging minivan, six guys, six bikes, and XM radio tuned to Brittany Spears. Don’t tell our wives.

The start of the race was pushed back because the registration line was as long as the race course. In Thane’s words, “We didn’t know it was going to be so popular.”  Nice to see such a good turnout and show of support for the race, which supports the local Search & Rescue service.  As the day unfolded, the rescue crews utilized every bit of every resource they had available.

Alex, Stuart, and I were on single speed, and we went off just after the pros.  Stuart and I trailed the pack in second to last, and last place, respectively.  The first lap was supposed to be a “half lap”, but as we pulled into Aid #1, it seemed like we had done nearly a full lap.  Turns out we did most of the full lap but skipped the best part of the course, Ringtail.  On lap two, we turned it loose on the windy, hard packed singletrack.  Ringtail is the signature piece of trail in the area, and is what keeps the locals grinning.  We descended about 3000′ along the buffed out, banked trail, hitting speeds over 30 mph in tight, treelined terrain.  We were eventually spit out onto an exposed trail that gave us views of some impressive red rock formations.  Ken later told me that we were riding next to the Arrowhead golf course, which is one of the coolest intergalactic golf courses in the universe.  I swear it was built by aliens.

What goes down, must come up. All that descending wasn’t free.  We had to climb back out to get back to the start.  I caught Stuart at the remote Aid on lap 2, and we rode together to finish the lap.  There were several sections of the climbs that were too steep and loose to ride.  They were even hard to walk.  This is the part of the course that broke many riders.  I think there were more DNF’s in this race than in all the other RME races combined.

The climb back out is broken up by one particularly fast, technical descent.  A number of “Slow” signs were scattered along the way to mark the 2′-3′ peaks that were placed in the trail.  You had to either commit to hit them at full speed and launch off of them, which could easily clear a 10′ gap, or slow down enough that you kept both wheels on the dirt and roll over them.  I’d like to say that I maintained my speed and gave my best shit-eating grin as I supermanned through the ether.  But after a couple close calls of landing front wheel first, I slowed way down and took the latter approach, dribbling one wheel after another, over each of the berms.  Anything in between fast and slow would buck your rear wheel upward and send you ass over apple bucket.

After crawling over the biggest of the bumps, I had to hit my brakes hard and veer off the trail.  A branch had been laid, apparently intentionally, across the trail, diverting traffic off to the right.  A racer asked if I had a cell phone, and I was sorry to say I didn’t.  Several yards down the trail, I could see why he asked.  A couple racers were off the trail to the left helping a third, who had obviously taken the last berm the wrong way.  The injured rider’s face had been split wide open from the upper lip through his nose and mid face.  It was gruesome, even for someone who has seen a lot of gruesome stuff.  He had a couple folks with him, but I felt like I should stop anyway.

Flashes of the Laramie Enduro went through my head.  Last year, I stopped for a racer who crashed and dislocated his shoulder.  I put it back in, but lost a handful of minutes and several places.  This time, there was an EMT there holding C-spine, and except for his face, everything else appeared to be okay.  I let them know I was an ER doc, but the two guys assured me there was nothing more that could be done at the moment.  I asked for the injured rider’s name and figured the best way I could help at that point was to ride my ass off and find help.  As it turned out, we were in the most remote part of the course, and I didn’t come across help for over half an hour.

Stuart and I pulled into the main aid after lap two and stuffed our faces.  To my surprise, he asked me if I was going to do another lap.  Uh, yes?  I didn’t know he was that deep in the hurt locker.  But we saddled up for lap three, if reluctantly.  I took two bottles with me for lap 3, but misplaced one of them in the cage on the climb out, and somehow ran it over with my rear wheel.  Ah, the humanity.  I backtracked to retrieve what was left of my crushed bottle.  I poured the rest of the contents out and stuffed the raisined thing into my bottle cage.  By that time, I lost contact with Stuart, who was feeling good again.  I finally saw him again after Ringtail as I was approaching the remote Aid station.  He had just pulled out.  Another rider was refilling his Camelback, and I wanted to catch Stuart, so I paused for half a second, and then skipped the Aid.  Big mistake. I was about half full (or empty depending on your outlook) in the remaining bottle, but not nearly enough to make it back home.

We stayed together for a while when we were stopped by a course official.  We weren’t the only ones.  There was a long line of riders stopped on the trail, some waiting for 15-20 minutes.  The injured rider was finally being evacuated out.  It had been over 2 hours from the time I had passed him the first time.  That’s a long time to be lying there bleeding with your face turned inside out.  I drank most of the rest of my bottle as we waited, and saved one last sip for that If-I-don’t-have-something-wet-in-my-mouth-right-now-I’m-going-to-shrivel-up-and-die moment.  After 10 minutes or so, we applauded the efforts of the search and rescue crew as they took Keith out on a stretcher, and then mounted our bikes for the rest of the climb out.  Ken caught us on that final climb.  He passed me and asked why I never acknowledged his calls.  That was when I realized he had been ever so close most of the race yelling ahead, “Wooooohooooooo!!!”  That whole time, I thought it was just some fella who was having a really wonderful time riding his bike.  Ken was on fire, he blew my me and took Stuart with him.  Damn.  Alone again.

I had cracked.  Dehydrated and spent, I just limped home from there.  I hurt about as much I’ve ever hurt on a bike.  Came in 8th SS, which I’ll take, all things considered.

We had a very nice Team turnout for the race.  Dice and Alex C. picked up big points for the Team competition with 4th place finishes in the Women’s Open and SS cats.  Stuart took 6th in SS., coming off the couch to crush me.  Ken finished 9th in a large 40-50 men’s field.   The way he was riding, he would have won the Clydesdale Cat, but this year he decided to stop eating ice cream.  WTF?  Mike S. brought home some much needed points in the Men’s 30-40 Half Marathon.  John A. and Noel rode like warriors, knocking out the Marathon in 7 hours-ish.  Sean and Kevin also rode well, grabbing points in the Men 40-50 Half.  I think Rich was riding well in the Marathon and was right on my tail at one point before snapping his derailleur off.  Rich, I think it’s time to put that new derailleur on now.  Mike W. hammered out the Half and figured that was fun enough.  He is wise beyond his years.  That was a tough course.  Nice work out there Team.  We are just 60 points out of fourth place.

Some race pics.  Missed a couple of the Team. The Yann site had copyright issues:

Dice rockin the Old School Team Jersey to 4th place

Dice rockin the Old School Team Jersey to 4th place

2013 Indian Creek Loc 2 (1365)-M

Alex C. out of the saddle and leading the Alchemist SS pack.

2013 Indian Creek Loc 2 (1491)-M

Wu making it look hard

Wu gettin wet

Wu gettin wet

Mike W. always smiling

Mike W. always smiling. He’s thinking about Cheeseburgers and listening to Britney Spears

Friend of Alchemist, Michele, on her way to winning the SS cat

Friend of Alchemist, Michele, on her way to winning the SS cat

Mike S. focused and riding hard

Mike S. focused and riding hard

Sean exiting the water and busting a move

Sean exiting the water and busting a move

John A. plunging in full speed

John A. plunging in full speed

Ken riding strong and airing it out

Ken riding strong and airing it out

Noel hammering up the climb

Noel hammering up the climb

Battle the Bear

5 05 2013

max on podium at Battle the Bear

max on podium at Battle the Bear

With another heavy snow fall last week, the Battle the Bear was moved to Sunday.  Of course, I was scheduled to work today.  I sold my soul to trade it.  I’ve been itching to get on the race course. Mainly because I generally race my way into shape, and I already missed the Ridgeline Rampage because of another snow storm.

Noel, Mark R., David, Ken and I rode the marathon (60 miles).  Mike S. and Sean H. rode the half.  Max and Luke rode the Junior race. Conditions were perfect.  It was the stickiest I’ve ever seen it.  Good riding all around with some much needed points picked up. Max took second and represented Alchemist on the podium.

Indian Creek in 2 weeks.  Looks like we’ll field a pretty good sized team for that.  If only I can get out of Pigfest. . .

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