Breck Epic Stage 6, Goldust Video

19 08 2012

The Wheeler vid was, bumpy. Well, it was a bumpy ride. Here is Stage 6, which was a luge in comparison. Final thoughts coming when I have the energy to write them. But one thing to mention is that Mike Mac, in a sleep-deprived, semi-delirious, charitable state of mind announced that 2013 Breck Epic early-bird entrants will receive a massive discount. $649 instead of the retail price of $995. That’s a discount of, like, um, a lot of coin. It’s good until Mike catches up on his sleep, which is something like a week from now. Event dates are Aug 11-16, 2013. Register at

Breck Epic Pre-Race

12 08 2012

Breck Epic begins tomorrow.  Pre-race registration and meeting was today.  Good to see familiar faces and friends.  Riding this one solo since Stuart decided to ride with George W.Bush instead.  Hard to believe, I know. In any case, 6 days of hard racing ahead.

Big congrats to the Alchemist Team riders and friends racing the Leadville 100 today.  Drew (8:11! I know you wanted sub-8, but that is absurdly fast), Jon(9:01 (Pulley, you couldn’t have ridden one minute faster?)), Paul (Leadman contender threw down a 10:15), Deb (sub 12 belt buckle with no base miles under her belt. Great comeback.), Jenn (9th belt buckle, one to go!), Rick (10:50 on an all-mountain bike), Bliss(9:16 and here in Breck right now for the Leadville/Epic Double down.  John, you can’t be serious.), Travis (9:50 off the couch!  He just flew in late last night ,and saddled up for 100 miles.), Doug (10:20, the big winner earned 100k for World Serve and clean water.  Boom!  But more importantly he was riding in a custom HOMEGROWN jersey).

Doug in his custom HOMEGROWN Jersey

Doug in his custom HOMEGROWN Jersey. Worth 100 G’s, baby!

Someone send me some more pics fer cryin’ out loud.

Also, big ups to Alchemist Rider, Steven, who mixed it up with some big names in Steamboat for the Stinger. He brought home 5th in the singlespeed cat.

And Chris W. throwing down for a podium spot at Winter Park.

Chris Watts on the podium

Chris representing on the podium. Sweet.

Strong work, everyone!  Ken, Bliss, Chris C. and I will be on it tomorrow.

Crazy Hot Pole Dancer Bike Video

1 07 2012

The last post didn’t get as many hits as I anticipated, so I decided to repost it with a catchier title. This is viewable on ipads and iphones.

Alchemist Bike Mower Video from jeff wu on Vimeo.

New Video from ALCHEMIST. “The Journey”

29 06 2012

Big thanks to Ross, Vivienne, Walt, Ryn, and, of course, Sue.  It’s a little rough around the edges because I did the final editing at two in the morning, so don’t blame Ross and White Board for the hitches.

For more on the super rad film production company, White Board Entertainment, visit:  If you want to check out more on the adventures of a pole dancer, check out For more on the mastermind behind the mower attachment, visit WaltWorks.

Bailey Hundo Race Report

18 06 2012

Oh, the humanity! The Team on the long climb back home.

Team Alchemist saddled up for the 3rd annual Bailey Hundo on Saturday.  100 miles through the Buffalo Creek area with over half of the riding through sweet, sweet singletrack.  Also known as the Senator’s Race, the Hundo was conceived as a race to benefit youth cycling.  This was Alchemist’s second year racing the event.  The course starts in the town of Bailey, CO and rolls up the dirt road toward Wellington Lake before turning into the twisty, fun terrain, for which the Buff Creek trails are known.

Last year, Ken, Stuart, and I rode together.  We had a great time riding as a group.  Even with some mechanical issues (Ken’s chainring fell off), it was worth sticking together, so we could form a pace line through the flat sections, and push each other up the long climbs to the finish.  This year, Dan joined the train, and we decided before the race to stick together again.  For a race of this magnitude, this early in the season, we all agreed to stipulate that none of us needed to suffer alone.

Ken pushed the pace up the dirt road, trying to hit the singletrack before it got too jammed up.  Somehow, I dropped my chain right as we climbed into the trees.  I told the guys to keep going, since I just needed to slide the chain back on.  I wrapped the chain back onto the chainring and hopped back on, only to have it jam up and drop off again.  Weird.  I went through the same process a few more times, before giving the big ring a try.  It finally held, but it left me wondering if I was going to ride the next 95 miles like that.  I had some catching up to do, having lost a bunch of places, a couple minutes, and my team, so I didn’t give it any more thought.

I was pinned for the next 20 minutes, riding well above LT, and approaching max heart rate for a good portion of it.  It was like riding short track, except I had 90 more miles to go.  I was pretty sure this kind of effort so early in the race was going to kill the rest of my day, but I couldn’t bear the thought of riding the rest of the way by myself. . . all by myself.  It took a while, but I finally caught back up and settled in.

Ken, with his Clydesdale pedigree, took control of the train.  Leading us through most of the 50 miles of singletrack, he was on fire, pulling our tired and beaten butts to the 60 mile mark, where the singletrack ends, and the long road climbs begin.   We picked up John Bliss, from IMBA and Kappius Components, and chugged up Platte River Road, picking up more engines for the train along the way, trying to keep the pace strong, but not over-doing it.  Last year, we took long pulls at the front, and each rider that came to the front redlined it, for fear of being a slacker and letting the other guys behind him down.  Last year, the pack blew up at this pace. This year, we kept it together most of the way, but the pace was still too high for comfort, so our train unhooked, and we tried to conserve for the long climbs ahead.

My little ring, as it turned out, was bent, which explained why it couldn’t hold a chain, so I did end up riding the whole race in big ring, which according to Walt of Waltworks, is more like a mega ring.  44 teeth, 29er wheels, 9 speed rear.  But I usually ride one gear anyway, so standing and pushing a big gear up climbs wasn’t what I was worried about. I was more concerned with the effort I had put in earlier in the day to catch the rest of the team.  I didn’t know when that was going to catch up with me.

Perhaps I should have been more worried about the weather.  As we crawled up the long climbs back home, the storm clouds moved in and hail pelted us on our helmets and backs.   As thunder rumbled around us, the dry dirt on the roads turned to sticky clay, making the wheels turn noticeably slower.  I thought we were in for it, but as fast as the storm moved in, it moved back out, and we were treated to sunshine again.  The sun felt good, but only marginally improved our situation.  The climbs were long and they just kept coming, so taking a page from Ken’s book last year, I asked Stuart to tell us a story.  He wasn’t in the mood, again.

We did eventually finish, and we rode across the finish line four across, like a click of junior high girls.  Some would say we ride like girls anyway.  That would be fitting, except for the monumental injustice that would be implicit with that statement for girls all over the world.  But either way, we had a super time riding together.  Once again, the Hundo did not disappoint.

Alchemist train

Alchemist train

Stuart's face says it all

Stuart’s face says it all. What? No story, Disco?

89 miles down

89 miles down

Aren't we cute?

Aren’t we cute?

The Leaderboard. Notice the muddy tabs? Yeah, that was us.

The Leaderboard. Notice the muddy tabs? Yeah, that was us.

Alchemist makes sustainable and USA made custom cycling jerseys, apparel, wool and casual wear.  We also field a team of marginally better than average mountain bikers, who appear to only care about not being alone.

Team Alchemist takes multiple podium spots at the Desert R.A.T.S.

18 05 2012

Alchemist podium

Alchemist podium

Team Alchemist had a great weekend in Fruita at the Desert R.A.T.S. race.  A bunch of top podium spots.  Ken defended his Men’s 30-39 title from last year.  Ryn won the 30-39 women’s group.  Jenn won the 40-49 women’s group.  Becky took third in her first mountain bike race ever.  Congrats Team Alchemist!

Ken’s race report:

Desert R.A.T.S. Report: Alchemist Train Chugs to Multiple Age Group Wins

The Team Alchemist effort at the Desert R.A.T.S. (Race Across The Sand) on May 12th started with a flat, but ended with multiple podium finishes.  The out and back race is contested on the Kokopelli trail starting in Rabbit Valley, CO and turning around near the “Cisco Disco” in Cisco, UT.  The course consists of mostly smooth double track with several rocky technical sections.

We got to the pre-race safety meeting 15 minutes before start and I realized my sidewall had a slice in it, and was bubbling out Stan’s.  Since it was the only tire I had, I decided I needed to boot / duct tape the slice, and put in a tube.  That was when the Alchemist Pit Crew (actually the other Alchemist racers) flung into action.  How many people does it take to fix a flat?  6 – Chris Castilian, Stuart Walsworth, Jon Pulley, Becky Anderson, and Ryn Kreidl all took over and put everything back together, and rumor has it, Jenn Dice got a video of the teamwork.  Luckily the race starter, delayed the start a few seconds, but once we got it inflated he said, “OK, we’ll start in 8 seconds” and we were off.  

Chris Castilian led the Alchemist Train out of the blocks and put us comfortably in the 2nd group of 7 riders, with 5 other riders going off the front, and not seen again until the turnaround.  After about 10 minutes, Chris told us his work as the locomotive engineer was done, and he settled in to a more comfortable pace.  On the way out to Cisco, Disco Stu, JP, and I took turns pulling the train, but couldn’t drop the 2 stowaways.  We made a quick turnaround in Cisco and had about a 10 second gap on the 2 other riders.  We got into our 3-person paceline, pressed on the pedals a little extra, and were able to increase the gap to 1 minute quite quickly.  We held the gap the rest of the race, and got that extra boost of energy from Deb Pulley (volunteering since she is recovering from surgery) and Tom Dice (out of the race after braking his chain multiple times) at the last aid station.  Stuart was feeling frisky and kept the pace high through the last 2 climbs and Jon kept up nicely, while I struggled to keep up.  They took a minute to enjoy the nice scenery, and allowed me to gather myself.  We crossed the line together, and finished 6th, 7th, and 8th overall.  Luckily for me, the 30s category was a little thin, so I won the 30s, while they came in 4th and 5th in the 40s.  Chris kept the pedals moving after pulling us along at the start, and finished 22nd overall.  They didn’t come home empty handed though, as they all won water bottles in the post-race raffle.

After the race Stuart said, “Jon Pulley has been closet training all year.  He was super smooth in the sand.  Way to crush JP!!!”  Jon drew the stink-eye from Jenn last year after his famous Mountain Flyer quote about the course being well marked .  He noted it was “perhaps not as well signed as last year!” as we all made several small wrong turns this year, including a nasty 2 MPH crash by Disco.  

The ladies did not disappoint in their race as well.  Jenn pushed the pace early, and Ryn pushed hard to keep up.  They worked together and “girled” rider after rider.   They quickly found themselves in the top half of the pack, and in 3rd place in the women’s race.  Becky was competing in her first mountain bike race, so started at the back, but quickly found her rhythm and left many a slowpoke behind.  On the last few climbs, Ryn started acting like a Walsworth and hammered up the hills.  They finished together, placing 3rd and 4th in the women’s race, and each won their age category.  Becky stayed steady the whole race and finished 3rd in her age group, and was already pointing out areas where she could have gone faster. 

Ryn was proud of her effort after the race and mentioned, “the key to winning is picking your races well.  Now I am no longer the only one in the Kreidl family without a 1st place finish!”  Her sons, Max & Luke, have already engraved a few wins on their race resumes, including the Bolder Boulder, Longmont Kids Triathlon, CU Short Track, and the Pearl Street Mile.

The after party at the Stonehaven Inn was as good as the race with Castilian manning the grill.  If you ever have any questions about Peanuts trivia, ask Stuart.  

Team Alchemist

Ken, Tom, and Jon on the pre-ride

1st Place!

1st Place!

1st Place!

1st Place!

Ryn and Becky

Ryn and Becky

The whole Alchemist gang

The whole Alchemist gang at the RATS

Fruita Fat Tire Festival

30 04 2012

Claire, Nicole, and Patton went down to the Fruita Fat Tire Festival this past weekend.   They demoed some Salsa 29ers and set up shop in downtown Fruita. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Toothless Walt Works Jersey

Mr. Fish found the perfect jersey

Borat loves Alchemist!

Borat loves Alchemist! This fan hung an Alchemist cowbell around his neck and strutted his stuff all over downtown Fruita. We couldn't be more proud.

Ryan with the newest hot-off-the-press Alchemist recycled T-shirt

Claire and Nicole with the Green Guru boys demoing Salsa Bikes

Claire and Nicole with the Green Guru boys demoing Salsa Bikes

Alchemist Wool making the rounds

Alchemist Wool making the rounds

Alchemist After Dark

The Alchemist Ladies cut loose in downtown Fruita.

New T-shirt Alert! I PITY THE FUEL

24 04 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, it is here.  I PITY THE FUEL

The Canvas: 50% Transitional Organic Cotton/50% Recycled Polyester.  Three plastic bottles saved from landfills to create each shirt.

The Paint: Ice Blue Phthalate-Free, Eco Ink.

Available in heathered slate and heathered chocolate.



Ryn and Cindi Take on the Marin Headlands 50k trail run

5 12 2011

Ryn and Cindi after running the Marin Headlands 50k trail run

Ryn and Cindi after running the Marin Headlands 50k trail run

Ryn and Cindi tore up the trail at the Marin Headlands 50k trail run.  Coming across the finish line, they got mad props on their fast time and sweet gear.  Score another one for Team Alchemist!

Team Alchemist Revolutionary Off-Season Workout Plan. Guaranteed Results!

20 11 2011

Vivienne and Kandy independently turned me on to this revolutionary training device.  It gives a burn like you’ve never felt before, or perhaps it’s very familiar . . . but whatever, it’s more fun than sitting on a trainer all winter. Tested and approved by Team Alchemist!

Born to Run and Syd VeloWool Pre-Order Sale!

6 11 2011

Born to Run

Born to Run (away from reality)

Born to Run.  A book by Christopher McDougall about, well, running.  Running a long ways.  Listening to the book on tape as we drove back from Vegas was the deciding factor for me to sign up for the National Championships at the 24 hours of COS.  I know, the 24 hours of COS is a mountain bike race, but the ability of the Tarahumara People to run incredible distances, to run it fast, and do it with a smile on their faces was inspirational.  It got me pumped to do one more you-gotta-be-kidding-me event.

It’s been over a month since the 24 hours of COS. And now, with the season officially shut down, I thought I’d give running a go. It’s been over a year since I last laced up the running shoes.  My personal history of running is not illustrious or fantastic.  In fact, I’m a comical shit-show of suffering and pain when I have to put one foot in front of the other.  Imagine a beached whale.  That would be a generous description of how I run. But this time would be different.  The technique and mentality of proper and enjoyable running had been revealed.  I understood how to be light and agile on the balls of my feet.  Just brush the ground.  Just brush it.  Just . . . brush . . it.

Well, I ran about a mile and a half, and it hurt like hell.  I lumbered and plodded for all but the first 100 yards.  I didn’t even finish the run. I walked the last half mile home.  Born to run.  F*ck that.

Syd VeloWool trainer by Alchemist

Syd VeloWool trainer by Alchemist

The Syd VeloWool® Trainers are just around the corner.  We are offering $30 off pre-orders until December 1.  The Syd is featured in the latest Velonews.  The December issue is so hot off the presses, it’s not online yet.  You’ll have to check out the print version.  When you do,  flip to the Holiday Gift Guide.  You can see the Syd in all its glory on a full page spread.

Check out Tom, Jenn, and her nephew, Max, sporting Palace City Pedalers jerseys.  Designed and made by Alchemist.

Palace City Pedalers

Palace City Pedalers

Tom Dice and Grandson, Max.  Palace City Pedaler Stalwarts

Tom Dice and Grandson, Max. Palace City Pedaler Stalwarts

Alchemist takes on Boulder Cup

31 10 2011

The Boulder Cup is always a great event.  Sunday’s throw down at Valmont Bike Park was no exception.  Claire manned the Alchemist tent and several Alchemist riders toed the line for the Juniors’ race.  Check out this video from Blake at 303Cycling. Might be the only video around shot from the rider’s perspective in a juniors cyclocross race.  You’ll see flashes of the Alchemist jersey on Max and Grant.  Luke also raced.  All had a great time.

Big thanks to Kris at 303cycling for the video and the photo of Max below.

Team Alchemist rider, Max Kreidl, racing in the Boulder Cup

Team Alchemist rider, Max Kreidl, racing in the Boulder Cup

Ryan Trebon debuted the Alchemist/LTS socks yesterday at the Colorado Cup.
Here’s vid from Truth is, I just can’t take my eyes off of Ryan’s socks!

Watch more video of Colorado Classic/ Boulder Cup 2011 on

Ryan Trebon's foot

Ryan Trebon's foot

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