The Best Superbowl Commercial . . . of all time

7 02 2011

Back in the blog saddle.  The fam spent a warm “business” vacation in sunny San Diego.   Had an ER conference to attend.  I go so that I can be force fed all the latest information that I can’t find the stomach to ingest while at home.  But like my under-sized 3 year old, I turned my head and ran from the incoming spoon full of life-giving sustenance.  Instead of listening to the latest medical literature on “Hypothermic Therapy after Spontaneous Return of Circulation” or “Malignancy Related Electrolyte Emergencies”, I spent much of the time in the kiddie pool or ogling the large mammals at the Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

So along that vein, in a rare Monday afternoon shift moment of peace, I found the best Superbowl commercial . . . of all time.  But before you enjoy it, make note, we’ll be offering a limited time super sale on the wool jerseys in the next couple weeks. So stay tuned.

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