Pelvic Pain and TV Sucks! Now in Color!

29 12 2010

Just finished seeing a young lady for lower abdominal pain.  I think we may be the clearing house for females with pelvic/abdominal pain of unclear etiology.  I’ve slowly accepted this with teeth-gritting reluctance.  But I still groan inwardly when I see the chief complaint on the board.  The conversation usually involves me, spending a crap load of time and effort explaining why I’d like to not irradiate the patient’s ovaries, and them, ignoring the last 15 minutes.  If the patient’s aunt’s hairdresser’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is an EMT and thinks a CAT scan should be got, then there ain’t nothin’ I can do to change that.  Occasionally, I’m fortunate enough to stumble across a diagnosis.  Usually, I spend a bunch of taxpayer dollars and chase my tail for a while, then spend another eternity telling them I don’t have a clue why they hurt.  A fair number of those folks go on to have hoards of testing and an eventual diagnosis of “chronic abdominal pain of unclear etiology”, every ER doc’s fav.

I have a friend who had to go to the ER a while back for lower abdominal pain.  She is a doctor, so her initial thought was “Oh crap! I’m not one of those girls, am I?”

Turns out her IUD had perforated her uterus.   Probably the happiest person ever to find out that she has a hemorrhaging puncture wound of her insides.

“TV Sucks. Ride Your Bike.” is back in black, but now printed in vibrant technicolor.  Women’s in Hot Magenta.  Men’s in Static Blue.  Both in 100% organic, ring-spun cotton. Both available at

TV Sucks in Hot Magenta

TV Sucks in static blue

Elephant Journal Review

25 06 2010

Check out the Alchemist product review in Elephant Journal

Read it, “Like it”, comment on it (but please be nice).

Big props to Jussi, who purchased a “T.V Sucks, Ride your Bike” t-shirt.  I had to adjust the shipping settings in the checkout because Jussi resides in FINLAND! He heard about us through the Waltworks blog. Thanks, Jussi, for bearing with us as we figured out how to set-up shipping.  Jussi also inquired about More Cowbell.  That is slated to come out in late summer, in time for CX season.  Thanks also to Walt for the “referral”.

Speaking of Walt . . . He stripped a 32 tooth cog from an old steel cassette and welded it to a 16 tooth cog for the bike-mower to make it easier to turn the cranks.  The 32 tooth cog was kinda flimsy without the cassette, so he welded a 28 tooth cog to it to give it extra support.  That Walt.  Heesa-kinda-crazy.  I’ll get a pic of it in a future post.  He’s going to give the fork a little extra rake too.  Walt also installed a starnut, and he let me steal a couple old 29er tires out of his trash.  I swear.   I may not be allowed in his shop anymore because I seem to always leave with my pockets full of his stuff.  The bike-mower should be fully operational soon.  Pics of that to come too.

Tomorrow is another night shift, so if the patients give me a break, you can expect another post.  Hopefully, something interesting will come in.

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