Hall of Fame, Incredible Feats of Heroics, and Very Brief Summer Recap

1 09 2014


Ok, I’ve been remiss. I’ve blogged about zero times since the spring.  Many awesome things happened over the summer, and I have essentially ignored them all (as far as the blog goes).  But hard to ignore our very own Jenn Dice being inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.   This crowning  jewel still only being the second most spectacular thing to happen to Dice this summer.  The first being her nuptial festivities in Crested Butte to fellow Alchemist Team Rider, Stuart “Disco” Walsworth.  I’ve been campaigning for a name change to Jenn Disco Dice, but no dice.  Strong work JD. What are you going to do for an encore next summer?

A couple more things to rattle off:

  1. Congrats to Paul Hooge for going toe-to-toe with 3000 of the world’s best ultra-runners at the Ultra-Trail du Monte Blanc (UTMB) in France.  170k, over 9000m of climbing.  He passed about 150 runners in the last 20 miles to finish amongst the fastest and complete one of the hardest endurance races on Earth.  I’m hoping he does a write up that I can share on the blog.  Some of his stories from the race are epic, and hilarious.
  2. Congrats to Sean Bender for literally saving the life of a downed pro cyclist during the US Pro Challenge.  He was in the caravan following the race from Boulder to Golden when a racer plowed into a stopped vehicle.  Sean quickly jumped out of his medical car and went to the cyclist’s aid.  From his description, it was a bloody disaster, but he managed to intubate and stabilize the fellow despite being bathed in blood himself.  You are a hero, Dr. Bender.

Apologies and Thank You to all the Team members who’ve flown the colors and represented the Team without recognition on this delinquent blog.  You deserve better, like a venue that has more than two followers.

ER Boards next week.  Time to start studying.

Flagstaff is America’s Alpe d’Huez

14 12 2011

Tom Danielson on flagstaff

Tom Danielson on Flagstaff. I know every turn on this classic climb. Tommy D is on the first climb outta Boulder. Photo from ColoradoDaily.com

Recent news that the US Pro Cycling Challenge will come to Boulder drew some big cheers in the Bubble.   Hearing that the initial proposed route would not go up Flagstaff made me scratch my head.  Flagstaff, or Super Flag if you go to the top, is a classic Boulder test piece.  It’s my ride of choice in the winter because it is generally well-plowed of snow, and  I can leave my house and get back in an hour and a half.   One painful hour up, half an hour of bliss coming back home.   It starts out reasonably steep, but it doesn’t really kick you in the nuts until you get above the amphitheater turn off.  The pavement above the tight S-turn is known fondly as “The Wall”.  I was hoping to see the same agonizing look of despair on the pros’ faces as I have on mine every time I hit that section.

Turns out the race organizers agree with me.   A recent Denver Post article tells the story.

Keep your eyes peeled for some last minute Holiday specials on the Alchemist store.  Specials available on the site, but extra special deals for folks who follow the blog (both of you).

I posted this video previously, but here it is again.  Flagstaff descent to the tunes of Justin Timberlake (yes, I am soooo lame.  Cirque du Solame)

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